The Happiness Jar

Personalized happiness tool based on research from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience.
Fun and deeply meaningful.

The Happiness Jar App

Do you know how happiness is created?

Happiness often seems elusive, forever in the future. We tend to forget what makes us happy as we are going through life too fast unable to collect and recall our happiest moments. But you can become better at Happiness! You can be true Happiness explorer and hardwire Happiness in your brain by becoming better at spotting the happy moments and capturing them. Make The Happiness jar app a companion on your happiness journey.

Happiness Jar

The Happiness Jar

Allows you keep, sort and enhance your happiest memories creating personal happiness story.
According to neuroscience this kind of attention to happy memories also grows happiness related pathways in the brain.

Building your resource for when you need it most

The Happiness jar becomes your Resource when you feel down or depressed, reminding you of the things that bring you joy and make you happy.


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